by mulder

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released September 25, 2012

All Songs Written and Recorded By Alex Elbery and Owen Wynn Rees in Bickley, Western Australia. Mixed + Produced by Alex Elbery and Owen Wynn Rees. Mastered by Forensic Audio.
Special Thanks to Voice Management, Fat Shan Records, Marton Koblo, Gerry LaFerla, Vivi, Sid and the Rest Of Our Loving Family and Friends.




mulder Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Everything At All, That's All There Is To It
I am not the prototype
Just another model rolling down the assembly line
There is a fault in this design
I know that it exists but I just can't put my finger on it
Who would've known that the holy ghost
Was a pack a day smoker, and it's not the best prognosis
The cold between his toes crammed in a space where no one knows
I've lost control, it's taken over, my cold feet are gonna run away but

Under the blanket where it's warm I can brave the storm
Nobody knows I'm out here hiding but
I wanna go I wonder if I could I wonder if I could
Why am I so afraid

I am not the prototype
Just another model rolling down the assembly line
They put a bolt inside my spine
And a marker in my skin to track me down and know that I still function
I chewed at it, I tried to cut it out, But it moves deeper in my skin
Now when I'm talking to the clouds, I wonder if they're listening
I wonder if they have regrets I wonder if they give a shit
My soul is all that I have left, but it's just another to collect

Floating in an electrical storm I saw the place where I was born
A memory I had forgot
That stabbing pain from the summer rain as it trickled through my circuits and they
Put my final chip in place
And welded on my hard shell case
The depravity of the human race
To be a ghost in cyber space
I am alone, I have no clone and I will never die
Track Name: Blood
There's a little birdy that I know well
He's been whispering in my ear
He tells me I've been living in a cast iron cell
I guess he knows just what I want to hear
So I'll pretend that I know you well
If you pretend that you're good for me
Sometimes this seesaw it'll sway real high
But it'll balance out eventually

Now her mother's by the TV hands on her telephone quivering with fear
Acceptance didn't come so easily when her daughter found a way to disappear.

But if you could teach me the difference between blood and water I'd be so lucky and I could be so free

Lovers come and lovers go
Fuck you fast and hurt you slow
You're born you're blind and then you die
But it's nice to think you're in control
At the end of our paper cup
You told me I am not your heart or soul
You smoked the grow room where my seeds were sewn
And now the bulbs have died the room's grown cold

Her father spent his life savings on a pacemaker machine
And then just before he died he said this life is still a mystery to me

But if you could teach me the difference between blood and water I'd be so lucky and i could be so free

young blood
Track Name: Hurdles
That's the reason we're not made of tape and wires
That's the reason people set buildings on fire
It's just the season to be sweating through the sheets
You're the reason I won't ever find my peace
So what's the matter with us playing cat and mouse games
That's a lot of chatter for a mouth so close to a flame
But that's just the summer, that's just the summer rain
Come straight from out of no where and back into it again
That's just the thunder That's just the summer storm
Destroying everything till I don't miss you anymore

Now I'm all alone in the only home I've ever had
and it's not that bad I can
See the stars out here I hear no cars out here I'm alone again
It's the greatest thing that's ever happened to me
(that's the reason we're not made of tape and wires)
(that's the reason people set buildings on fire)

You're the missing piece of a puzzle I ain't even started
All missing teeth from the mouths of the broken hearted
I always thought that I was one of them 'till I found my bite again
And now that's all on you as I'm tearing through your skin
You should stick me up like a drawing on a public wall
Like I'm on display let's just see if they notice me at all
I'm just the scaffold they built up around your dreams
But once they're over you'll, you'll have no use for me
I'm just the basement waiting underground
If you ever need me I'll be waiting to be found

Just like a patient doctor or a doctor's patient waiting at the door
And what's more
Is I've been waiting all day for the sky to break in half let's see what's underneath
Underneath my feet the world is baffling me.
(that's the reason we're not made of tape and wires)
(that's the reason people set buildings on fire)

So many big ideas for my little puppeteer
Hurdling through the years oh how we have changed
No more long mornings waiting for the dawning
Listening your heart churning waiting for it to break
Track Name: Young Love
Young love is punch drunk
Young love is a cheap fuck
In a paper cut, a paper cut
That won't close up, that won't close up

Young blood, that must've hurt
And it's your fault 'cause you knew it would
But your stupid mouth, your stupid mouth
Just won't shut up, just won't shut up

You're stupid whole I cut you in half
I'm stupid whole you cut me in half

Young love it's better off this way
My love everything's gonna be okay
That's what I tell myself, that's what I tell myself
When no one'll help, When no one'll help

'Cause young blood just tastes so good
And it's my fault 'cause I knew it would
Your stupid face, your stupid face
And the way it tastes, the way it tastes

You're stupid whole I cut you in half
I'm stupid whole you cut me in half
Track Name: (Tissue) Lust pt. 1
She said you kiss like lunatic
I said oh yeah, well you kiss like a prude
Let's just see if we can't change all of that
When I get you back to my room

Let me teach you my arithmetic
How one plus one equals two
How I've hurdled through numbers and stories and time
Just to end up lying here with you

One hundred years in the making
Just one day in the grass
With all of this joy that I'm stealing from folk
Well I guess I could spare you one glass

Drink it up now it's your medicine
Though I know that you don't touch the stuff
Drink it up you'll feel better then maybe
We can see to that bloodlust

I don't know what I'm doing here
Walking the face of the Earth
All I know is when I woke this morning
This love song was all I was worth

For twenty years I've been faking it
Guess it's just one of those things
With all these songs I've been stealing from folk
Is there one you would like me to sing
Track Name: (Muscle) Lust pt. 2
She said stop acting like a lunatic
That's fine 'cause she looks like the moon
Young lovers in a bargain bin
Well I'm sorry that's the best I could do

A Serpent dead in an earthquake
What a hell of a blast
Your mother's burning your birthday cake
Ain't it fucked up how you wished it was your last

She rang no bells and she placed no bets
Expected nothing less than you'd expect
Your life will only be a whisper mister
This song will be all you have left